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Sandy Silva has been creating live performances for 35 years. Through her deep musicality and prodigious artistry, she invites audiences into her captivating world of sound and gesture, embodying instrumentation and melody, rhythm and theme. Sandy simultaneously engages feet, hands, and voice in performance to make movement audible and visualize rhythm. Musicians from around the world have called upon her to bring her dynamic presence into diverse performance collaborations, ranging from Txalaparta in the Basque country, to jazz in Italy, Celtic music in Ireland to spontaneous onstage collaborations at festivals in Morocco, Brazil, and Mexico. Whether in a small gallery or an arena, Sandy’s work invites emotional spectatorship that is at once contemplative and ecstatic. Notably, her work with the band La Bottine Souriante captures the joy and festivity of music from Québéc, reflecting both localized culture and its connection to global rhythms. By sharing her own deeply personal encounter with music, Silva vulnerably and boldly creates profoundly memorable moments of live art.

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