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What the critics say...

"the spirit-shocking presence of percussive step-dancer, Sandy Silva . . . merged the ensemble effortlessly, with a range of elastine set pieces that dizzied the audience. . . she reminded us that this music is made for dancing."
The Irish Times

". . .people hold their breath each time Sandy Silva appears . . . she burns the floor"
Le Soleil, Quebec City

"...a gem of a show that is at once intimate, intense and joyful."
La Presse, Montreal, Que.

"...original and ultra-musical performer with cool authority and original ideas."
Seattle Times

"...with her body as an instrument she makes the audience shout with joy."
Sweden Press

"...marvelously inventive..."
Irish Echo, New York City

"Finding pure joy in her own rhythms, Silva builds her sounds delicately in silence. Then they explode in rapturous partnership with live tango music as she lies on her stomach on a spinning stool, still tapping and clapping out the gift of life."
The Montreal Gazette

Click here to download Sandy's complete CV as a PDF file.

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Sandy Silva

photo : Rebecca Sullivan    

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