Sandy Silva Dance presents Migration project for film

I have spent thirty restless and wonderful years performing percussive dance as a soloist, accompanying musicians both visually and sonically in over twenty countries. After receiving a research grant to choreograph and collaborate with artists from my home in Montreal, the time has come to share our work. Their talent, friendship and commitment to exploration in my ensemble work through voice, movement, percussion and theater have brought about an integrated repertoire of vignettes to be set for film. I am so proud and excited to collaborate with Dance filmmaker Marlene Millar (Mouvement Perpetuel) and sound designer Felix Boivert on this beautiful project.

Still from Lay me Low  photo: Geoffroy Beauchemin  

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MIGRATION is a high definition production for theatrical release and HD television. Each vignette follows a journey undertaken with the hope of a better life : setting out for work, freedom, survival, to celebrate a new birth or mourn the end of life. A cast of singers and dancers travel through time and space, driven by a need to move towards their destination.

Exploring universal themes of migration, choreographer Sandy Silva and filmmaker Marlene Millar collaborate to bring stories to the screen through percussive dance and song, capturing the speed, precision and intricacy of dance in a way that can’t be seen on a live stage. The performing artists were selected from different artistic disciplines: dancers, singers and musicians come together to move beyond traditional body percussion to create a new form of storytelling. Sound designer, Felix Boisvert, crafts a clear and sensuous sound experience of the sonic body, the vocals and the natural environment within which the scenes are filmed. Representing our human migratory instinct through sound, movement, and rhythm this film project is an original heartfelt journey.

Migration – short film, chapter in full-length versionOn an island in the Saint Lawrence seaway, preparation for a migratory journey is expressed through percussive movement and vocals set within an unusual natural landscape. This short film follows 10 percussive dancers who rely on their hands, feet and sonic bodies to create a unique soundtrack as they move through water, wind and sand interpreting the preparation, departure, and flight of their collective journey.

Lay me Low – short film, chapter in full-length version
Lay me Low opens a communal space of experience through mourning by bringing people together in song and movement: individual voices are woven together to make one song, steps are taken in rhythm to make one walk. Lay me low is a traditional Shaker song performed by 10 dancers, musicians and singers. It cuts right to the heart and communicates a universal feeling of loss while evoking a paradoxical sense of intimacy.

Lay Me Low screenings:
Cinedans, Amsterdam, 03/15
Femciné 5, Santiago, Chile, 2/15
Greensboro Dance Film Festival, North Carolina, 3/15
Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery, Georgia, Atlanta, 4/15
Utah Dance Film Festival, 3/15
Tiny Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, 04/22
Screendance Sweden; 5/15
Des Arts Des Cinés, Ste Etienne, France, 5/15
Dança em foco – Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Rio de Janiero Brazil, Aug 4-16
The Dance Bridges Festival Kolkata India (screendance festival circuit) Aug 7
Jumping Frames, Hong Kong, Aug 8
São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil, Aug 13-16
Dance made in Canada Toronto, Aug. 13-16
Cinédanse, Quebec, QC Canada Sept 24-27
San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Oct 8-11
Third Coast Dance Film festival - U.S. touring 2015-2016
Choreoscope, Barcelona Oct 22-24
19th Int'l Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Serbia Oct 23 - 25
Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder, Colorado, Nov 9
Lightmoves, Limerick, Ireland Nov 19-22
Loikka, Helsinki Apr 2016
National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing Oct - Dec 2015
Taipei exhibition 2016

Best of Festival Third Coast Dance film festival, Houston Texas 2015
San Francisco Dance Film Festival - Winner, Best Screendance Short
Prix Lumière, Cinédanse, Québec
Best of Festival, Utah Dance Film Festival
Audience Award for Best Short Dance Film, Cinedans, Amsterdam, 2015
Prix spéciale du jury, Des Arts / Des Cinés, Saint Étienne, France

The second vignette, Migration, will be sent in the next month for film festival viewing.Each vignette stands alone as an original short film with an eye to eventually connect them into a full-length feature film. The theme migration stretches across multiple genres and cultures and speaks to a universal human experience. This allows a flexibility regarding viewing and distribution options.

Performers of this project include:
Sonia Clarke - dancer, interpreter, rehearsal coach, assistant choreographer
Helene Lemay - contemporary dancer, circus artist
Dominic Desrochers - percussive dance, musician, vocalist, clown
Josianne Laporte - percussionist, circus performer
Josee Gagnon - vocalist, contemporary dancer
Bobby Thompson - tango, flamenco, contemporary dancer
Kimberly Robin - the best student, now dancer and vocalist I have ever witnessed
Andrew Bathory - contemporary dancer, yoga teacher, vocalist
David Cronkite - musician, vocalist, tai chi instructor

Many thanks to our Migration project contributors!

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